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Information about the history and structure, as well as the vision and mission of our company

Company profile

Pulapromet Ltd.

PULAPROMET d.o.o. is a limited liability company registered for passenger transportation. 
The Company’s capital has been divided into five stakes and distributed among the partners as follows:

  • City of Pula (86%),
  • Municipality of Ližnjan (5%),
  • Municipality of Medulin (7%),
  • City of Vodnjan (1%)
  • Municipality of Fažana (1%),

PULAPROMET d.o.o. is registered at the Commercial Court in Rijeka Ruling no. Tt-95 / 3328-2 of 21 in January 1996 under the name PULAPROMET d.o.o. for passenger transport, with headquarters in Pula (Social Contract).

The Company has been registered for the following activities:

  • passenger transportation in urban and suburban traffic;
  • passenger transportation in road traffic
  • other passenger transportation services in road traffic;
  • other supporting traffic services;
  • advertising (publicity and promotion services);
  • wholesale and commercial brokerage services.

The Company provides its services throughout the territory of the Cities of Pula and Vodnjan and the Municipalities of Medulin, Ližnjan, Fažana, Barban and Marčana.

In keeping with the principles of operating efficiency and economy and relying on a full business process cycle, the Company performs its tasks and services through two organisational units (Transport and Technical; and Financial, Commercial and Accounting Services).

The following indicators can serve for providing a general overview of the Company’s performance (figures for 2020):

  • operated kilometres: 1.437.032 km
  • total passenger loading: 1.854.559 passengers
  • number of buses: 36
  • number of employees: 119

The Company’s bodies include the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Supervisory Board and the Management.

The Company generates its profits by selling its transportation services at specific rates which are under direct community control, that is, approved by the relevant local government authorities.